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Port Colborne 360 Booth Company

Let’s plan your Port Colborne 360 Booth company Video Booth event today.

Which Port Colborne Photo Booth Rental is Right for Your Event?

Open Air Photo Booth

Immerse your senses in the thrill offered by our state-of-the-art Port Colborne photo booth rental, meticulously designed to offer an unmatched and memorable adventure! Tailored to inject boundless enjoyment and dynamic enthusiasm into any occasion, our photo booths ensure an abundance of joy and vitality. Embrace the excitement and elevate your festivities to levels of joy that surpass your past encounters!

Mirror Photo Booth

Embark on a thrilling journey to enrich your experience with our photo booth rental and create lasting memories. Your adventure reaches its peak with our renowned Mirror Me photo booth rental in Port Colborne! With Mirror Me, you set off on an unmatched voyage of excitement, immortalizing timeless moments that withstand the tests of time. Prepare for an exceptional and indelible expedition that surpasses all other options!

360 Photo Booth

Immerse into the world of state-of-the-art photo booth rentals through our distinctive Port Colborne 360 Video Booth rental. Designed for enthusiasts of TikTok and social media, this innovative booth promises an unparalleled and trendy photographic journey that establishes new standards. Embrace the upcoming revolution in photo booths and seize moments in an entirely novel and exhilarating fashion!

360 photo booth

aka TikTok Booth

The Port Colborne 360 booth company rental is a fun experience. You can record slow-motion video of you and your friends to share on TikTok and other social media. The 360-degree angles captured by the 360 photo booth rental are incredible and will keep your guests entertained!

You will not only keep your guests occupied and having fun, but everyone also goes home with a jaw-dropping memento to show off on social media.
This innovative video booth is now one of the hottest trends on TikTok and definitely will be a highlight at your wedding reception.

What Kind Of Event Are You Having?

Kardashian Glam Filter

The innovative skin smoothing filter is available for a slight airbrushed effect. This will add a touch of glamour for your photos making all photos look incredible!

Features of our virtual reality headset rental service include:-

All-inclusive 360 photo booth with a ring light and internet connectivity to share with your phone immediately. We provide delivery, setup, and take down.

  • Disco party lights
  • Attendant: On-site photo booth attendants to help with taking pictures,
  • Props: A variety of photo booth props so you and your guests can take fun photos
  • Suitable for up to 1-3 people at a time
  • 2 sets of stanchions surround the 360 video booth
  • Bubble Gun included for FREE!
  • 2 Hours: $449 + Delivery
  • *Each Additional Hour: $69
360 Inflatable Booth

Photo booth rental features

Optional add-ons are below. Please request these as add-ons if you would like:

Contact Us / Reservations

Are you in search of an unparalleled photo booth rental that includes everything? Regardless of the type of event you’re organizing – be it a fundraising event, birthday celebration, festive gathering, wedding, or any other occasion – Toronto’s leading 360 Booth Company is at your disposal. Our pricing is comprehensive and may only rise if additional time is required. Should you have any inquiries or wish to book our services, kindly complete the form below. We’re also available for calls anytime!

Ontario: (647) 372-1442 | Newfoundland: (709) 500-2862
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